Pattern of white bodies

White bodies n°2 (single piece) – 2020 – plaster
Pattern of White bodies – 2021 – acrylic resin and metal

White bodies n°2 transforms into Pattern of White bodies.

Pattern of White bodies in a public park in Brussels.
At first sight, De Middeleir’s works form an abstract pattern, but when you look closer, you discover parts of the human body. Pattern of white bodies is a continuation of two of her series: the Pattern series on the one hand and the White bodies series on the other. Abstract patterns in a playful composition are central to the Pattern series. This new sculpture travels around, just like White Bodies. Every environment can serve as a plinth and the composition can be reconstructed over and over again.
By using her own body as a reference for the human figure, Lieze De Middeleir on the one hand objectifies herself, but on the other hand takes the spectator along in a very personal story. Our human body changes constantly, so that her sculptures are a snapshot of the body. The transient nature of that snapshot again contrasts with the classical, solid character of a sculpture.

Pattern of White bodies in the Poortersloge in Bruges. 
De Middeleir developed this installation especially for the art contest Input/Output.
The hexagonal shape of the scaffold brings the characteristic exterior of the historical building inside and refers to the typical tower of the Poortersloge.

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