Klein sculptuur – Art competition

Cultural centre Zwaneberg - Heist-op-den-berg - 23/11/2019-05/01/2020

Hidden Expo

Museum Vleeshuis - Antwerp - 03/08/2019-15/09/2019

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Graduation 2018

Royal Academie for Fine Arts - Ghent - 27/06/2018-01/07/2018

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S.M.A.K.H.A.C.K – One day project

SMAK - Urban Museum for Contemprary Art - Ghent - 11/03/2018

With S.M.A.K.H.A.C.K., young artists claim a place in the Museum of Contemporary Art. For one day they claimed a place with peaceful artistic resistance. They invited themselves for an exhibition in the smallest ‘white cubes’ of the building, the lockers. At closing time, they left behind their cardboard boxes with works of art.  This was a project by Minus One. 

Brieven aan kunstenaars

Publication - Ghent - 11/03/2018

Publication belongs to the one day project S.M.A.K.H.A.C.K

MAP #56

The project space fot the master's degrees in fine arts - Bijlokesite, Ghent - 10/02/2017-18/02/2017

During the 56th edition of MAP the work Self-portrait (stage II) of Lieze De Middeleir was shown 

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Zonder Werkschoenen

Zwarte Zaal, Bijlokesite - Ghent - 17/03/2016 - 20/02/2016

Group exhibition with Hamer Kormeling, Stine Uyttenhove, Bastiaan Vannylen, Gilles Dusong en Simon Masschelein.

Erasmus at Burg Giebichenstein

University of Art and Design - Halle, Germany - 01/10/2015-01/02/2016

I spent part of my bachelor’s degree at Burg Giebichenstein, an art and design school of great prestige in Germany, comparable to Bauhaus.

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Croxhapox - Gent - 13/04/2015 - 16/04/2015

Group exhibition with Elleke Frijters and Emma Mortier 

Carrara – Intensive course stone carving

Carrara - Italy - 2014

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Master in fine arts

KASK - Royal Academy of fine arts - Ghent - 2013-2018

Main atelier: Sculpture

Minor atelier: analogue photography

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