Memory boxes

The memory boxes collect the sculptures, photographs and objects from the series Skin (the world). For that series, Lieze De Middeleir traveled to Palestine and Israel in oktober 2022.

With a few pieces of plaster skin in her hand luggage, De Middeleir set off for Israel and Palestine. In the middle of contrasts and inequalities, De Middeleir always looks for a new place for her sculptures. Uninvited in public space, space that is hard fought for. The sculptures add a bit of humanity to the hard environment.

The plaster pieces of skin come from female models. The casts not only show human skin, they also reveal the marks left by clothing. The attentive viewer can detect subtle lines in the soft forms. In the photographs, the sculptures sometimes seem to disappear and almost become holes in the landscape, with the outline catching your eye, raising the question “Is that real?”.

On the 26th of January 2024, Memory box 3 was shown in Home Gallery in The Hague, exactly the place where the ICJ made a ruling about Palestine that day.

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